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Located in Sarasota, Florida, DeVittori Construction  with a commitment to  exceptional quality construction and remodel services. As a result, home owners of the Sarasota market are given unmatched construction & renovation quaility DeVittori specializes in custom home construction, residential additions & remodels, 


Ryan DeVittori
Paul Whalen
Ron DeVittori

President and Building Contractor Ryan DeVittori has a distinctive talent for producing innovative solutions for even the most intricate projects. After 14 years of running his own construction company  

Paul Whalen has a combined 25 years in interior cabinetry and space design. working closely with clients and designers to create well crafted custom designs and projects for the most discerning client and the ultimate finished projects.

Ron DeVittori brings 25 years on hands on experience in the construction trade. Focusing on office management and scheduling, and the many moving parts of the construction process. 

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